About the Band

CHIX is an all ‘girl‘ rock band that performs both classic and progressive cover songs.  They really are just a bunch of boys with an identity crisis fighting to express their inner bad girl. CHIX gives a unique twist to the traditional cover band by combining both popular music and an amazing show that is unmatched by traditional cover bands.

CHIX is a collaboration of, Ariel Assualt (Vocals), Val Uptuous (Bass), Nikkie Starr (Guitars/Keys), Alexis (Drums), Amber Alert (Guitars) and Maeve.  Maeve keeps the band sounding good despite the bands best efforts.

CHIX is available for private parties and events. If your timing is right, you can catch a performance at clubs around the DFW area. This progressive band brings exciting music that people will recognize or identify with along with a show that has a style all its own. CHIX celebrates those Sexy girls that we all know and love. Each member brings a unique background that has created a diverse experience of life, love, girls and ROCK & ROLL.

CHIX from Liss LaFleur’ on Vimeo.

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