Nikki Starr

Nikki Starr rocks the Jet Set.

Nikki Starr rocks the Jet Set.

Nikkie grew up in a shoe factory where she learned to appreciate a nice pair of heels and nylons. She decided at an early age that if she was going to wear the heels that she might as well dress all the way. When asked about the thing she’s most proud of her response was.. well, I’m especially proud of my collection of decorative hand towels which no one is allowed to use of course. When asked about the second thing she was most proud of she responded “it would have to be the two dozen pillows on my bed that serve no purpose except to be removed before going to sleep”.

We were curious of why Nikkie got involved in music, “Well I saw these rock stars get panties thrown at them on stage” and I thought that was really cool “cause I love wearing them and it just seemed like a great way to get them for free.”  Nikkie has played in many bands and has some major accomplishments such as being invited back a second time to an open mic night back in 1994 – not to mention collecting $23.52 after only 4 hours playing on the street last December. When asked what her aspirations for CHIX she proudly responded “well I figured I’ve spent years as an artist suffering for my music, now it’s your turn.” When asked where she got her music influence the response was not a bit surprising… “well I just love a good polka and I try to incorporate that style in most of my guitar solos,  some people think it clashes but I think that its just because it takes a sophisticated musical ear to appreciate a good polka solo. Not to mention it takes real creativity to work in a polka solo in a Jett tune,  you don’t just pull that together,  it takes a least a few hours being sober and focused.”

When asked what she wants people to take away from her performance her answer was a bit confusing “I’d say, don’t take anything, that’s stealing and we will call the cops. So please just come and suffer through the show with us, it’s just easier that way.”

Nikki's Favorite Position, in front of a camera.

Nikki’s Favorite Position, in front of a camera.

Nikkie is clearly the driving force in the band mostly because she owns the van that gets the band to the gigs. In fact most people are just amazed when she performs on stage because she usually just gets lost on her way to the venues. If you do get a chance to see CHIX perform don’t distract her too much because it’s a miracle that she’s even there at all.

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